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Hair Extension T&Cs

Please ensure before your application that you understand the maintenance required for your extensions.

By going ahead with your appointment you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below and the aftercare and upkeep of your extensions.


Terms and Conditions

  • Please be honest when answering all questions about your hair and how you normally look after it. This is not for me to judge you or try to sell you products, this is for me to advise you on the extra work when maintaining your hair extensions. It’s better for you to know beforehand than to risk damaging your natural hair if you are unable to look after them due to being unaware of the aftercare.

  • Please be aware that it is not recommended for you to have extensions during/after pregnancy when your hair is most vulnerable to breakage and change. If you choose to have them during this time, please book in for extra maintenance sessions on your hair or come in for a blow-dry once a month so I am able to keep an eye on your hair incase of any changes due to hormones affecting the hair (this is usually most common after pregnancy).

  • Many types of medication can affect your hair density and cause hair loss, please check this when taking any new medication. If you are experiencing any hair loss during your extension journey, please notify me and book yourself in for a blow-dry or check up so I can review your extensions and ensure they aren’t going to cause damage to your hair. 

  • Sensitivity to metals (especially copper) can cause your head to itch and feel sore. I would advise not having locks fitted if you know of any sensitivity, we can find another method of extensions more suitable for you.

  • Maintenance appointments are required every 12 weeks for a refit of your locks. This appointment is usually slightly longer than your original fitting appointment as this will involve removing and reattaching every lock back to the root. Where possible the locks are moved slightly to give hair a rest period from extensions. Your hair needs to be clean and dry for your refitting appointment.

  • You may lose unto 10% of your extensions between each refit appointment, please don’t panic, just keep hold of the hair and I will refit them during your next appointment. If you would like them refitted sooner, please let me know how many pieces you require fitting so I can book an appointment time accordingly - This is charged at £1 per extension.

  • A copy of the Do’s & Don’t will be provided (this is also available on my website) but please message me for any questions you may have or anything you are unsure about.

  • You are required to use a brush suitable for hair extensions as well as shampoo and conditioner that don’t have sulphate, paraffins or silicone in. Along with oils and styling products. All this can be recommended and purchased within the salon. As your extensions will not received natural oils and nutrients from your scalp like your own hair, they need to be looked after with extra care so they don’t go dry or matted as this can then cause damage to your own hair. A full list of recommended products for your hair extensions can also be found on the website - click here.

  • All maintenance and removal are charged at full price regardless of how long you choose to keep your hair extensions in. Please note that if your hair is matted during your refit, then a full removal, wash and blow-dry may be needed and then a refit appointment may need to be rebooked for a future appointment, this full incur extra charges where necessary.